Cost sharing.

Sharing the cost of photography enables multiple parties to make the most of the benefits too working with a professionall photographer. This valuable practice can help to maximise your marketing budget by splitting the photography cost between any and all relevant parties involved in your project; architects, interior designers, contractors, engineers, developers, product manufacturers, property owners etc.

In cost sharing, additional licenses would be added per each third party. All of these costs would be added together and split among each of the parties involved. This can result in big savings not only for the original booking client but for each of the third parties who would otherwise have had to commission their own photographer further down the line, or licensing the same images or film from me afterwards. 

A cost sharing example:

Initial photography cost 1000€ + additional license fee 400€ = 1400€. Splitting the total cost between the parties involved means 700€ each, and both parties have saved 300€. Adding more parties will save even more. 

By sharing images, you also have more control over how the project build and design are presented in the marketplace. There is nothing worse than having all your hard work horribly displayed online with bad images taken by one of the parties contributing to the build. All that image does is poorly reflect everyone involved. Quality work deserves to be presented in its best possible way.

Cost sharing is a WIN-WIN for everyone included in the project. 

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